Thursday, April 2, 2015

Staying To Myself.

I'm Right With God, Only Working On Getting Better With Our God. We Are Still Here on Earth, For Our God Must Still Have Purpose for Us All.

Come To Think Of It Its Not Most Good Religions Doing Wrong!

It Just Seems Its all The Government's Fault. I Could Be Wrong, It Just Seens Who Causes the Most Grief In Our Life. It Starts with the Bills We Pay Every Month then those people we are paying are giving Large Sums Back to the Gov to Control Us More. We All Need To Work Together In Our Own Ways to Fight in a Good Way but not bad, Evil On Brings Bad, (God) Greatness Only Brings Good and Greatness! I Always Have Stated Prayer Can Be Done Alone. Some Higher Up Churches Do Support Bad Things, as It Always Is Stated the More Money The More Evil.

In God We Trust

It Says On Our Own U.S.A. Dollar Bill. In God We Trust Not Money ( Root Of All Evil/Despise) Soon there Will Be No Cash, Once That Happens They Will Surely Take Advantage! Fight For Your Rights and Especially Your Life!!!!

I Believe In God

I Believe In and Of God and I also Believe and Have Faith He Works Through Me.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

All We Should Want

Is World Peace! For One For All!!!!

Easter Sunday On April 5th

End of Lent on April 4th as it makes the only Saturday To Fulfill that time spot this year according to what I've Read

Friday, March 27, 2015

Show the People What You Believe!

Everyone Has Their Own Opinions. I Will Believe What You Believe as What You Believe Is What I Believe. Even If I Represent Bad and You Represent Good. Good Created Bad For Reasoning and Judgement. If You Feel I Am Wrong and That Is Not The Case, Then Why Does Good and Bad Exist and Not Only JUST Good or just Bad? You answer thy Question For I Have Already Found Out, Will Always Know and Remember Once I Have Found Out and Will Hold My Judgement Upon The People for I am Like God

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My Real Name!

My Name Is Shaun David Kowalewski and I am a Disciple Of God and Jesus Christ!

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Brothers and Sisters Please Pray For Me!

For I Have Sinned. I Try To Work On My Ways I Understand I Will Never Be Perfect and I will Always Try To Be a Better Person Than I am Of Currently.

I Want To Celebrate My Uncles Birthday on the 25th, Then My 22nd Birthday With The Family on the 28th.

I Have Been Hoping, Praying, Having Faith, and Still Loving God and Have Been Trying My Best To Symbolize My Right Beliefs and My Passion and Love to Serve Jesus and God on Earth, as it was intended to be, God with Man.

Stars On Earth and Their Symbolism

Figure 5 and 6 are Good If Left Alone. Figure 7 is The Best In My Opinion. Figure 8 Stacks not Interlaced Disrespects 7. Figure 9 is the USA

Figure 9 is Symbol 8, The Most Demonic Symbol On Earth With a Circle Around It. On The Star Below Represents Our Nation is Figure 9, With Us at the Top Of Figure 9 Our Colonies They Are Trying To Trap.

Figure 9 is Symbol 8, The Most Demonic Symbol On Earth With a Circle Around It. On The Star Below Represents Our Nation is Figure 9, With Us at the Top Of Figure 9 Our Colonies They Are Trying To Trap

Here, The Jewish Star Of David. It Represents God With Man On Earth. It Represents The Torah and The Jewish Ten Commandments.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Yung Kash SK VS Yung Kash

I Receive Hundreds Of Direct Search Hits on for the Words: Yung Kash SK, Compared to just Yung Kash though there are only 40 hits a month if that. Meaning My Name is dominating all Yung Kash's on the Net According to Google, One of the best Search Engines in the World, if not THE. Thank You, Please Continue to Support My Music and Have Faith in God, And His Son Jesus who Died for Our Sin On Earth so We Would Not Perish In Hell.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Its Valentine's Day!!!!

I Dont Think Any Women Out There Love Me But I Know God Jesus and Their Spirit Will Love Me as Long as I Accept It. Everyone have a Good Valentine's Day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lately Have Been Feeling Like People Are After Me

Everything In The Evil Rap Music Nowadays, Facebook, and everything. I Just feel Followed and want to be left a lone. So I'm Going to Sit Down have a talk with the Lord Almighty God and say a prayer so Jesus can protect me. I Should Not Have To Live My Life Constantly Surrounded By Negativity So Eventually I Will Close Out All This Evil! God and Jesus Be With Me To The Bottom Of My Soul!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What Is Love?

Don't Hurt Me :/ Don't Hurt Me No More :( Even though My Friendships/Bonds/Relationships with Women Just Never Turn Out :( God Still Protects Me, I am With Him and He is With Me. Through Everybody, Even Family, Nobody Has Been as Good A Friend As God was to me, I appreciate, Love, and accept His Son Jesus Gift with all my heart.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Have Faith, Hope, And Love in God and Jesus!

God, His Son and his Spirit on Earth Will Protect you from problems, all evil, and make sure you are doing good and alright until God makes his decision with your life. God knows everything, the opposite doesn't even though he tries to be tricky. Continue to worship and Praise the Lord God Almighty and you and your loved ones shall be saved. Accept God as Ultimate because that's What It Is. Jesus the Savior will be Back One Day to save the Right Souls and Destroy the Lost Ones.