Wednesday, May 27, 2015

This Site Will Have Its Up and Its Downs

And I Probably Wont Be Here To Work On It For Some Months I Hope I Remember Everything I was Gone For a Whole Month and I Remembered So.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Bible I Read

New King James Version With the Red Ink For Jesus and What Hes Saying. I Read It Almost Daily I Would Say And I Pick It Up and Read Different Parts Daily When I Have Spare Time and Spiritual Time.

According to This Other Site My PageRanks 5,000,000 WorldWide

Me My Website

I've Been Blessed Im Just Thanking God For The Blessing Hoping I Have The Knowledge When I Come Back To Remember Passwords Etc

Monday, May 25, 2015

But I want To Be More Like Jesus Was

 And that's How We Should Think. Jesus Performed Miracles For All Different types of People and These Things are in the Bible and their Should Not Be a Big War About Who's Right and Who's Wrong It Should Be about God and Jesus And How We Can Be More Good Instead Of Bad And I Have Tried My Best And I Think I Did Because I Felt I Need Things. Somethings And I Need More Of God and Jesus Too In My Life. Even I Have Gave Help To Some Of My Friends And One Time Around Christmas I Dont Know Why But I Was Giving Away Money a Few Years Ago. I Once Have Tried To Be a Perfectionist But Then I Realized Nothing Would Ever Be Perfect So I Guess Sometimes I Have Gotten Lazier But I Cleaned My Room From When I Got Out Of Jail It Was a Big Mess and It Looks Better Now I Think. I Dont Want Nobody Messing With My Stuff Thats Not Right and Not Fair So Thats Why I Wrote Keep Out Of My Room Please On My Door. And I Guess My Family Were Going Through My Mail And It Isn't Right to Be Trashing Others Belongings and Even Stealing Peoples Things While They Are In Jail.

I Am Not Jesus And I Dont Intend To Be

I Still Sin So I Could Not Be Jesus But I Am One Of His Followers and Of/From God And I Am A Disciple of their Words.

I Can Just Hope This Generation Keeps It Together

I Just Hope This Generation Keeps It Together For the Faith Of God and Jesus ( His Son The Prophet) 

I Love God And Jesus

They Still Were Here For My Family And All My Friends Im Pretty Sure When I Was In Jail And I Could Go Back And I Dont Want To But Some Things I Just Cant Control

Then Again God and Jesus Give Us Repentance!

Then Again God and Jesus Give Us Repentance to use against Our Sins and to Just Praise Out Thank Him and Thank Him Again For Not Giving Up On Us Yet and to Tell Him We Are Sorry for Doing Wrong In Bad Situations and Even People Personally Say "Hey my Bad" or something like that Or "My Fault Ya Know"

Yes I Have Sinned

Even in My Songs and I Sinned With All The Bad Stuff I Was Into and we Still Sin Its Because Of Adam and Eve's Sin on the Earth, So now we Have these Geniuses Sinning against Us and Because of their High Degree Of School I Have to Pay A Penalty

Matthew 18:34-35

34"And His Master was angry and delivered him to the torturers until he should pay all that was due to him"
35"So My Heavenly Father Also Will Do To you if each of you, from his heart, does not forgive his brother his trespasses"

Take Heed No One Deceives You

"For Many Will Come In My Name, saying 'I am the Christ' And will Deceive Many" - Jesus stated in Matthew

Out Of All Thank God and Jesus


To Praise The Lord Jesus And God For Having Jesus as Our Savior Because Of What Happened And Repent To God and Him For Our Sins. Ask God For Time And Knowledge To Make It Through Struggles No Matter the Situation And Yield To God and Jesus And Let Them Try To Help You. I Will Read Some Of the Holy Bible Now.

Its Memorial's Day

Thank God To Our Veterans and Everybody Who Help Defend Our Nation Including Priests and Pastors etc.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Holy Spirit.

God gave them the Holy Spirit To Those That Love and Obey Him. And You Will Always Have That Spirit Follow You Wherever You Go.

God and Jesus Forgive Us!

I Don't Know About All the other People, Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Nurses, Or Anybody But I Know One Thing Is That God and Jesus Forgive Us all as We Are His Children when we Repent for Our Sins and Ask Him We Are Sorry and We Should Believe in God and Jesus Christ ( The Son/ The Prophet)!

Today Is The Holy Day

And I Missed Church I Slept in too much and Nobody But My Alarm Clock Tried To Wake Me Up. I Need To say a Prayer for Today as I missed My Duty to Go to Church. :(

Saturday, May 23, 2015

MultiMedia Is Better For This Site On PC

There is More Multimedia Features such as Instagram, Soundcloud, and the Site Is More Integrated On The Online Version On A Computer Compared to a Cell Phone.

I Want Everyone To Get A Long

I Want Everybody To Get A Long I Don't Want a War Even Though I Could Be Strong In One I Want Their To Be Peace On Earth Like We All Should Want. If Everything Is One Big War Exactly What Do We Really Accomplish? We Should All Start Thinking More Peacefully.

Please Listen To My SoundCloud Music
On A Computer if on a mobile device the music player does not load.

We Have To Be Strong

And Try To Stick Together.